Good reasons to choose us:

REPUTATION: VS Translation, a division of the company Verslo Strategija founded in 1999, has emerged as an industry leader that enjoys rapid expansion and a reputation for excellence. The company is respected by businesses and individuals for its fast, accurate service and experience with a variety of translation and interpretation topics. Our clients include major businesses and public bodies that entrust us with the most challenging tasks.

QUALITY: When you need quality business-to-business translations, speed and attention to detail, VS Translations delivers. Our service quality standard combines the linguistic skills of professional translators/interpreters with the expertise in specific fields. Our translators work only with subjects relevant to their qualifications and experience. Depending on the client’s requirements, nearly all translations are checked by an expert in the specific area the translation deals with or a language specialist. Unlike many other translation providers, we do not participate in the race to cover every possible language combination or topic. Instead, we specialise in a relatively small number of languages, which allows us to have a stable and regular team of professionals and to monitor quality to the required standard. Before we assign a job to a translator or interpreter, we must be sure that not only he or she knows the languages involved but also has adequate knowledge of the subject. We understand the importance of matching our translator's competency with our client's specific translation requirements.

EXPERIENCE AND TEAM: VS Translation offers language services in a wide range of specific fields, including European affairs, finance, law, industry, science, and media. We carefully select the most accomplished and reliable employees and freelancers who are top professionals in their respective fields and who are native speakers of the target language. In addition to their language skills, most of them have acquired – through specialisation and/or education – knowledge of a specific field, and are assigned translation work that corresponds to their expertise.


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